A Tour of Coventry Music Museum


A TOUR OF Coventry music MUSEUM

England is known for creating music that combines parts of the various people that call it home. 2-tone, a style of music that combines ska,, punk rock, reggae, and other elements, was born in Coventry, England.

The Coventry Music Museum is a celebration of this and more genres from the area and was started by music enthusiasts, Pete & Julie Chambers in 2014 and run by volunteers that are always happy to chat about the exhibits. The following are some of the wonders featured here.

The Rude-Boy’s Room

The museum has several exhibits including the unique Rude Boy’s Room – decorated in the way one would expect from a fan of 2-Tone music fan in the 1980s. The room has posters of music legends including The Specials, Madness, Beat, etc. that cover nearly the entire wall. A messy desk as well as a band tee-shirt and an electric gramophone is one of the more popular parts of the museum. Volunteers at the museum feel this is because of how similar it is to most music fans’ bedrooms growing up.

Recording Studio
Interactive exhibits like the recording studio make the museum interesting for all visitors whether or not they are interested in music from the Coventry region. The room has instruments and visitors are encouraged to try them out. With impromptu jam sessions with the visitors invited by the staff, this is another favorite exhibit. Apart from this and other interactive exhibits, the museum staff is friendly and loves to share their knowledge on the music scene of the area, from the past to the present.

Acorns for Peace
The exhibit is a white circular bench that was part of a sculpture for the Coventry Cathedral. In 1968, Yoko Ono and John Lennon visited Coventry to give this piece to the Cathedral but following a disagreement with the organizers of the event, they decided to move the bench to a different place on the Cathedral Grounds. The exhibit called the Acorns for Peace had a place for two acorns to grown within the bench. However, the acorns were soon stolen, and Lennon had it removed.

Temporary Exhibits

Apart from their permanent exhibits, the museum also has several temporary exhibitions that cover different artists from the area. Currently, there is an exhibition that Horace Panter, the bassist for The Special that includes some of his instruments and tit-bits about his life and contribution to the 2-Tone music scene. Other temporary exhibits are the Three-Minute Heroes that includes memorabilia and live videos and one that highlights the life of Delia Derbyshire and her influence on several famous UK Bands including the Beach Boys. The museum’s website has a list of the exhibits currently on display.

The Café
After walking around the museum, a great way to relax is by sitting in the cafes and partaking of the delicious hot food that is served there at affordable rates. The cafe offers British and Caribbean food and is vegetarian-friendly. The Knights Wine-Bar has live shows, Q&As with famous artists and other sessions, the dates of performances can be found on the museum’s website. Simmer Down, the Caribbean-Restaurant is a small restaurant run by a family and boasts of delicious authentic food.

This little place capable of taking you on a journey through time was voted the best museum in the West Midlands. Whether you are a music lover or fascinated by memorabilia, the Coventry Music Museum is a great place to visit.  You can get discounted tickets by contacting Fresher Carpets via their website.